AGM 2019

As per the home page the AGM will be held at The Oxgangs Library at 7pm prompt.

Regretfully and rather disappointingly we are unable to obtain the use of the barrack’s community hall this year. The agenda has been (or is just about to be) handed out to all households. If you have any items for the agenda please email the secretary (or hand in a note to No.9) and the item will be included. Please note we only have the use of this facility until 7.50pm which is why your prompt attendance is required. It would also be appreciated if we could stick to the agenda rather than digressing from the business in hand.

Information regarding the Garden Maintenance Fund payment for this year is included with the AGM notice.  See separate post.

We are actively looking for a new secretary as the present incumbent has been in the post for over 12 years. It would be really good if we could find someone to take over this post. Unfortunately it is an unpaid position but you will be rewarded by knowing that you are contributing something to our community. If you want to find out more please email the secretary

Garden Maintenance Fund. 2019

The committee have voted to keep the cost the same as last year (£60). 

The deadline for all payments is midday Friday 12th April 2019. Payment should be made by bank transfer or cash. We no longer accept cheques. Bank details are the same as last year.

RBS Bank Sort Code 83 19 01     Account  00183283

Please use your house number as reference or we have no way of telling that you have paid.

Cash payments can be made at No.17 on 9th and 10th April 2019.

It would greatly appreciated if all payments can be made by the deadline ….. otherwise yet again members of the committee will be spending their own free time chasing up late payers. Thankfully there tends to be only a handful that think it’s ok to delay payment but none the less it is time consuming chasing them up.

All Garden Maintenance Money now received. 2018.

All payments for 2018 have now been received. I am awaiting an update from the Treasurer as to how many cuts took place this year and this will allow a balance calculation for the fund. This will determine what next year’s fee shall be set at. The warm dry summer (distant memory already !) has probably meant a reduction in the number of cuts this year.

Late Payers (Update)

Sadly, yet again we had a small number of late payers for the Garden Maintenance fee. This resulted in the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer having to chase the households concerned, using up their own free time. Thankfully the matter has more or less been resolved and without the need to pass the matter over to a debt collection agency.

Garden Maintenance. (Update)

Garden Maintenance payment this year (2018) is £60 per household and the deadline for bank payments was 1200hrs 1st June.

For reference the bank details are as shown below.

Bank Sort Code 83 19 01     Account  00183283 



(Otherwise we have no way of knowing that you have paid !)


Thank you to the vast majority of residents that have paid on time.
Sadly yet again the Committee and Office Bearers are having to use their own free time chasing up non payers.

Payment by bank transfer is the agreed and preferable means to make payment.
Cheques just add to the Treasurer’s workload .

This information has been updated and bank details etc are shown only for reference.

Next year’s Deadline is likely to be earlier than 1st June. A decision on the cost and deadline etc. will be made at the forthcoming AGM. (Date yet to be confirmed).


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