10.11.19 Rats are back. (Not that they will have been far away!). A resident of The Gallolee that backs onto the easterly end of Dreghorn Park reported catching 5 rats in one evening last week. Personally I have only seen one up this end at the westerly end of the street. If you’re feeding birds and squirells etc please give some thought to what else you might be feeding. Perhaps consider using proper bird feeders etc to limit the amount of food available on the ground.

Gallolee Path Update

26.10.19 The path should re-open Monday 28th. Unforeseen additional work has lead to a slight delay in completion of the drainage works.

Toyota / DVLA

23.10.19 We have now received information from the DVLA regarding this vehicle. It will be discussed at the next committee meeting. (Date to be confirmed).

Gallolee Path

Gallolee path is closed. You will need to divert via Redford Road or via the Care Home and down through the woods.

Abandoned Toyota

18.10.19 Still nothing back from the DVLA. We may have to consider our options on what to do with this vehicle. It is really becoming a bit of an eyesore with flat tyres etc.

Grass Cutting.

12.10.19 The last cut of the year should take place today Saturday 12.10.19. This will be the fourteen cut with a total cost for the year of £2800.
51 houses contributed £60 each (Total £3060). Unfortunately this has left very little towards general maintenance. A review of the Garden Maintenance Fee will be made prior to next year’s AGM which hopefully will be held in Mid March.

Gallolee Path. (Between 18 & 19 Dreghorn Park.)

10.10.19 The council have put up notices saying work will be carried out on the path from Monday 21.10.19 to Friday 25.10.19.
The notice states that pedestrian flow will be maintained but given the narrow nature of the path this does seem somewhat unlikely. Be prepared to take an alternative route via Redford Road or via the Care Home and down through the Redford Woods.


07.10.19 Work commenced 0830hrs to remove the Leylandii and dead Cherry trees.

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