Committee Meeting 03.12.19

Items included whether the car-park can be used as a storage facility for SORN vehicles.. The majority agreed that it should not be used as such. There is already enough of a parking problem in the street and spaces being used as storage is unacceptable. Tree stumps … various proposals including “planters” being placed on them with small bushes etc. Removal was also discussed but unfortunately we did not have the information required to discuss fully. The corners of the grassed area continue to be damaged. There are quite a number of large rocks that have sunk into the ground. When the weather improves some committee members are going to dig them out and place them where they will hopefully prevent large vehicles chewing up the corners. “Children Playing” sign to be replaced.

AGM … early March proposed. Natalie is going to see if she can get the use of the Barracks again. Failing which it will probably be the Library again. Date to be confirmed.

Damage to Edge of Main Grass Area.

16.11.19 Considerable damage has been done to the edge of the main grassed area in the last two days. If anyone witnessed this could they please let a member of the committee know or you can also make contact using the contact form. Whilst it is appreciated that it sometimes difficult for lorries etc. to manoeuvre in the street, if this type of unacceptable damage occurs, then the household receiving the delivery (or collection) of household appliances / materials / skips etc. is expected to repair such damage.


10.11.19 Rats are back. (Not that they will have been far away!). A resident of The Gallolee that backs onto the easterly end of Dreghorn Park reported catching 5 rats in one evening last week. Personally I have only seen one up this end at the westerly end of the street. If you’re feeding birds and squirells etc please give some thought to what else you might be feeding. Perhaps consider using proper bird feeders etc to limit the amount of food available on the ground.

Gallolee Path Update

26.10.19 The path should re-open Monday 28th. Unforeseen additional work has lead to a slight delay in completion of the drainage works.

Toyota / DVLA

23.10.19 We have now received information from the DVLA regarding this vehicle. It will be discussed at the next committee meeting. (Date to be confirmed).

Gallolee Path

Gallolee path is closed. You will need to divert via Redford Road or via the Care Home and down through the woods.

Abandoned Toyota

18.10.19 Still nothing back from the DVLA. We may have to consider our options on what to do with this vehicle. It is really becoming a bit of an eyesore with flat tyres etc.

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