24.06.20 Theft from Secure Shed.

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Another house in the street has had a secure shed forced and a bike stolen. (Sunday night). Yet again they obviously knew what they were doing as the actual bike was also secure and the lock was cut. Please do keep an eye out for any suspicious activity in the street and inform the owners or police as appropriate. 

19.06.20 Slow Down – Children Playing.

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New sign up today. Hopefully it will have the desired effect. A speed of 5 to 10mph is ample in our street.
Not so many kids out and about just now but when the lockdown is further relaxed they will be back.


(Click to enlarge.)

(P.S. The sign’s level …. it’s the lamp post that’s not plumb!)

07.06.20 Bike Thieves.

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Please be advised that bikes have been stolen from a secure shed in the street for the second time in the last six months. Obviously not a casual theft as yet again they forced the shed and cut thru’ a bike lock too. Please try to ensure you have good locks etc. Perhaps consider fitting an alarm to your shed.

04.06.20 Fence Wire etc.

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As notified elsewhere the hedges were given a trim but the contractor had some difficulty due to the old chicken mesh and wire that was installed a few years back. The hedges have now become reasonably well established and we intend removing the wire etc asap.

01.06.20 Garden Maintenance Fee.

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All payments have now been received. Thank you. The Treasurer would like to thank all residents for making this years collection of money considerably easier than in previous years, with the vast majority of money paid on time or only a few days late. Thank You !