Garden Maintenance Fee.(update)

Many thanks to all who paid promptly, or immediately on receipt of the reminder invoice.
08.08.22 – We now have 2 stragglers that are making the job of collecting the money more difficult than it needs to be.
If by any chance you are one of them …. can you please pay now!

2nd Garden Maintenance Invoice.

2nd invoices issued today 03.07.22. Payment (£50) is required no later than 03.08.22.
Prompt payment will be appreciated as chasing up late payers is not high on my favourites list!

Road Closure (Colinton Rd.)

We have a fairly major road closure coming up on Colinton Road between Thorburn Road and Westgarth Avenue, which will result in Redford Road being used as a diversion route. It’s been bad enough with CityFibre digging up everything in sight. The diversion may be in place for up to 4 weeks. Work is scheduled to start 27th June’22. See this Scottish Water Webpage for more details.

2nd Garden Maintenance Payment.

The second Garden Maintenance payment will be due at the start of August. As you will hopefully remember the total fee payable this year is £100 but the committee decided to split this into two payments. An invoice will be issued to all households at the start of July detailing cost, payment details and deadline etc.


Despite various promises by CityFibre to both myself and Robert @ No.5, they have still failed to complete the works in the street (particularly the trench in the road at the corner outside No.3). I have emailed their complaints team again this morning and await a reply.

Carpark now open.

Some remedial work was carried out by the contrator.
Please treat the new surface with respect if you are using the carpark.


I left a bit of a stinker of a review on Trustpilot yesterday regarding the unfinished mess they have left in the street. CityFibre responded quite quickly asking me to send more details. I fully appreciate they have still to install cabinets etc. but if myself and other neighbours hadn’t picked up the barriers etc on a fairly regular basis, somebody would have driven into the trench they have left half way across the road. I phoned them last week and the response was fairly disappointing. They have a permit to work in the street up until the 6th of June so we could well have the mess to look at for nearly another month. No further response from them regarding my email and pictures so far this morning. 🙁

    Dreghorn Park Residents' Association