Dreghorn Park Residents’ Association – Minutes From Meeting Held 2nd November 2021.


  1.  Updated Constitution – approved, no objections or comments.
  2.  Repair of parking areas – based on J Sives Surfacing Ltd quote, plus VAT & £500 contingency it was agreed to proceed with works in principle – no more than £340/household. 18 votes (inc proxy’s) “for” out of 21 attendees.
  3.  Repair of parking: All agreed the detail on which quotes, confirmation of suitable guarantees and timescales to be delegated to the committee. Anticipated this would be spring.
  4.  Commercial vehicles using parking areas – no clear consensus, various views expressed about the fairness of larger vehicles parking and causing damage. Post repairs committee to consider next steps.
  5.  Plants at houses 27-42: Committee previously decided to spend £500 on plants. Having received a quote of £150 to remove the tree stumps a consensus was that root removal could be done cheaper by residents. Various views, but consensus was a top guide of £500 for each end of the street and £1000 for the middle from existing funds. Committee to take forward discussions with 27-42 in regard to plant choice. Final choices will be shared with all residents.
  1. Treasurer’s account details:

    Opening balance £1640.86
    Received 51x£80=£4080.00
    Outgoing £3024.46
    Balance @25.10.21=£2696.40

    Carpark funds (Ringfenced) Received 36x£50=£1800.
    1 x refund requested. Balance @25.10.22 £1750.

    Total balance in account £4446.40. 

    7.  Officer bearers: Rob (Chair), Malcolm (Treasurer), Natalie (Secretary
    8. Grass cutting increased to £220/cut – no objections. Approved.

    Dreghorn Park Residents' Association