Minutes of the AGM held Tuesday 15.05.18 7.30pm at No. 29 Dreghorn Park, Edinburgh.

Apologies received from Ian McCridle (2). A total of 13 residents attended. 

Welcome / Chairman’s Report. 
Mark Mullen (Chairman) opened the meeting at 1935hrs welcoming all present to the meeting. Unfortunately, the Army had double booked the Community Hall, but thankfully our Treasurer Colin Davidson was kind enough to allow us to use his home as an alternative venue. Many thanks Colin. 

Various items for discussion were noted and these were scheduled to be handled under AOCB.
The previous AGM minutes had been approved and have been made available to all residents. 


Treasurer’s Report
Colin provided another comprehensive report regarding the Garden Maintenance Fund. A small surplus has allowed cutting to commence prior to receiving this year’s payments from residents. Payment of this year’s money is again by direct payment via your bank or by cash on the 29th & 30th May at No.17. It had already been decided at an earlier committee meeting that this year’s payment would be £60 per household. 


Neighbourhood Watch.
Malcolm (Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator) made his brief annual report. As per previous years, information continues to be sent by email from Neighbourhood Watch (Scotland)  ( https://www.neighbourhoodwatchscotland.co.uk ). The majority of the information now received is fairly generic and not particularly poignant to Dreghorn Park or even Colinton and surrounding districts. 
Malcolm informed those present that a small website is about to be set up for residents of Dreghorn Park. www.dreghornpark.co.uk This will contain general information for the residents and will include a section regarding information received from Neighbourhood Watch Scotland. 


Election of Committee.
Chairman : Mark Mullen (17)
Treasurer : Colin Davidson (29)
Secretary : Malcolm Macfarlane (9) 


Paul Lynch (16)                  Graham Cotton (18)            Jason Wimberley (25)
Michael Gordon (45)        Tom Miller (48)                     Ian McCridle (2)
Chris Steel (4a)                   Sandra Henderson (23)       Robert & Julie Irvine (5)
Rhona had intimated she wished to step down from the committee and we take this opportunity to thank her for her input over a considerable number of years.


Car Park  

        A fairly extensive discussion took place regarding possible repairs to the Car Park.

Mike Gordon has agreed to obtain costs for what (at the moment) are fairly small repairs. Some of the preparatory work might be carried out by ourselves thus reducing cost. It is hoped that it will be possible to cover the cost from the Garden Maintenance fund. However, it was clear from a visual inspection after the meeting that we need to nip this in the bud to avoid a far costlier repair in the future if nothing is done just now.  

Damage to Grassed area. 

A fair amount of damage is still being caused to the smaller easterly section of grass and also at the corners elsewhere in the street. It was not clear whether this was done by the bin lorry or skip delivery lorries or indeed just general deliveries. It was made clear that any damage resulting from skip delivery / builders merchant lorries etc., must be rectified by the household receiving the goods etc. 

Main Grassed Area. 

Some new plants have been introduced by Tom and Anne to the top corner in an effort to plug the gap. The Leylandii trees were discussed at length and it was proposed that further pruning would be carried out and possibly the removal of at least one of the trees. A resident has offered the use of a commercial vehicle to remove the cuttings. Please also see the attached notes regards dog poo. The grass contractor will not cut through the affected areas. The proposed gardening day on 12th&13th failed to materialise … nobody turned up! If you do feel like doing something to help in the common garden area, please talk to a member of the committee. 

 A resident reported that rats have been seen again in gardens on the south side of the street (backing on to the main road).
The majority present agreed that the feeding of the foxes must stop as they are almost certainly encouraging the presence of rats due to food being left out in the open etc.

With all discussions complete the meeting closed at 2005hrs.



Main Points for Info. 


1.       Garden Maintenance payment this year is £60 per household and must be paid by 1200hrs 1st June if you are paying by
  Bank Transfer.  Bank Sort Code 83 19 01     Account 00183283  

                     (Otherwise we have no way of knowing that you have paid !)

Cash payments will be accepted at No.17 on 29th&30th May.

2.      DOG POO …. If you allow your dog to foul on our grass, please pick it up. The grass contractor will not cut through grass which has been fouled.  

3.      We still have a potential rat problem. Please stop feeding the foxes!  

4.      The council have erected 20mph signs. This does not mean it’s ok to drive at 20mph in the street. 10mph is more than ample. Remember there are a lot of young children and pets in the street. 

5.      Parking. Please park considerately. This may help reduce damage to the grass etc.  

6.      Website – www.dreghornpark.co.uk . General information, AGM minutes, Neighbourhood Watch etc.