This website has been established to assist all residents of Dreghorn Park in keeping up to date on what’s happening and other general information that might be considered useful and informative. Items such as AGM minutes, Neighbourhood Watch items and other relevant  articles will be posted as and when appropriate on the news page.

Please remember that this is “your” association and it is for the benefit of all residents of Dreghorn Park. If you have any news, views, questions or problems, please speak up. Contact any of the committee members and we will do our best to assist. 

You can also contact the committee about any relevant matter regarding Dreghorn Park by using the contact form.

Next committee meeting Wednesday 17th September ’19, 7.30pm No.38.

The last committee meeting did not resolve all the matters in hand, mostly because we are still awaiting various quotes for tree work and also for the car park repairs. As the latter is probably going to be relatively expensive, any decision will not be taken at committee level but will be presented at an AGM or a SGM if necessary.

We have yet to confirm a new chairman for the association. Hopefully this will be resolved shortly. Natalie has indicated her willingness to be Chairman but this will result in us needing to find another person to take over as secretary.
If any resident has anything else they would like discussed please email Natalie  “nataliedreghornpark@gmail.com” or “treasurer@dreghornpark.co.uk“.
Anyone wishing to join the committee is also welcome to come to the meeting.

If you are on the committee and are unable to attend the meeting, could I ask that you let either Natalie or myself know that you cannot attend. Repeated no shows might indicate that perhaps you no longer wish to be on the committee.

There are a couple of important issues coming up that will require an initial vote at committee level. It is therefore essential that as many committee members as possible attend these meetings.

Garden Maintenance Fund. (2019)

All payments have now been received. (06.05.19). A big thanks to all of you that paid promptly. A not so big thanks to those of you that required chasing up!

AGM 2019.

Was held in the Oxgangs Library at 7pm on 27th March 2019. A transcript of the minutes can be viewed at AGM 2019.

Dreghorn Map
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