Dreghorn Park Residents' Association & Neighbourhood Watch.

Apologies – You may have been unable to access the website for a day or so.
This was due to a change on our web server which had failed to update.

This website has been established to assist all residents of Dreghorn Park in keeping up to date on what’s happening and other general information that might be considered useful and informative. Items such as AGM minutes, Neighbourhood Watch items and other relevant  articles will be posted as and when appropriate.
Up to date items will appear on the News page. Older items can be found in “Archives” on the side bar.

Please remember that this is “your” association and it is for the benefit of all residents of Dreghorn Park. If you have any news, views, questions or problems, please speak up. Contact any of the committee members and we will do our best to assist. If you would like to join the committee please either use the contact form or speak to any member of the existing committee.

You can also contact the committee about any relevant matter regarding Dreghorn Park by using the contact form.

Unfortunately our AGM had to be postponed at very short notice this year. We hope to be able to hold one at some point as and when Covid-19 allows.
It seems a long time ago but our last AGM was 27th March 2019. You can read the minutes here.

Garden Maintenance Fund. 2020.
All payment have been received. As of 03.06.20 we have already had five cuts on the grass.
The hedges were also given a trim last week .
A replacement for the damaged “Slow Children Playing” sign has been ordered.