Next Committee Meeting – T.B.A.
Hopefully prior to AGM in early March 2020.
Committee members :-

Chairman :  Position presently vacant.
Treasurer :  Malcolm Macfarlane (9).
Secretary :  Natalie Mayes (38).


Paul Lynch(16)                   Graham Cotton(18) 
Jason Wimberley (25)       Tom Miller (48)
Mark Mullen (17)                Ian McCridle (2) 
Chris Steel (4a)                   Sandra Henderson (23)
Robert Irvine (5)

Should any resident wish to join the committee please speak to an existing committee member or use the contact form.

Residents, please remember this is “your” association and if you wish to have a say in the organisation and running of the association, then joining the committee is essential. We have a number of challenging issues to deal with in the coming months and if you wish to have your say, then please at least come to the AGM (date to be confirmed). There is no point in moaning and groaning about something post the event if you do not speak up when you have the chance.

The committee are on Whatsapp !

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