Gas Mains Work (Again !)


Have a look at the NHW page. I have received an email myself purporting to be from HMRC in regard to overpaid tax etc. It looks very convincing and some people might assume it was genuine.

DPRA Bank Accounts

Just for info and to avoid any future confusion, the old bank account has now been closed. We deliberately left it open this year in case anyone accidentally paid their Garden Maintenance Fee into it. Two households indeed did and this money plus some residual funds have been transferred over into the new account. Should anyone try and pay money into the old account next year it will bounce. A full breakdown of accounts will be posted shortly once approved at committee level.

Smoke Alarms etc. – UPDATE !

Due to lack of publicity (not admitted) and the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, it seems that are going to delay the implementation due to coronavirus impact. It appears they are going to put it back to Feb. 2022.

See for info.

Smoke, fire and co2 alarms !

As per my other recent post, I picked up some information on which appears to indicate that “all” homes in Scotland must have inter-connected alarms installed and working by February next year (Feb.2021) 

Link to  with info on legislation etc.

Sykes the electrician in the village have posted some info from “Select” and it can viewed via the “” website.

This is the same leaflet direct from “Select”.  Alarms.pdf

I most certainly have not received any information about this, but it does appear to be genuine. 

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