Month: September 2020

18.09.20 Grass Cutting

We had our 13th cut done yesterday. Alan (Grass contractor) intends to do one more cut in approximately 3 weeks unless the weather dictates otherwise. This will be a total of 14 cuts this year which is exactly the same amount as last year.

He mentioned that there were numerous chunks of tarmac on the grass and it seems most likely that they will have got there by some of the kids throwing the loose pieces of car-park surface in that direction. If they could refrain from doing so he would be grateful as it can damage the cutting blades on his machine.

Driving Standards

As some of you are aware we had an incident in the street on Saturday night which involved a minor collision with two vehicles.  Thankfully nobody was hurt and it resulted in relatively minor damage to both vehicles. However it could easily have been a child or an adult. The consequences could have been considerably more serious.

There is absolutely no need to be driving any faster than 5 or 10 mph in the street and it is most definitely unnecessary to be reversing at speed in the street. Hopefully the person concerned has learned a lesson from this, however he has been spoken to before about his standard of driving. Hopefully it will sink in this time.

01.09.20 Hedges Trimmed.

In addition to the normal grass cutting, the hedges were trimmed. The bushes proved to be more of a problem as wild bees were feeding on the flowers. The contractor was therefore unable to trim them as much as he would have liked. As most of you will know the wild bee population is under threat.

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