Tree Removal – (Updated… please read full post).

The tree cutting contractor has confirmed a date of 07.10.19 (this coming Monday) to remove the Leylandii conifers in the main grassed area and the dead Cherry trees at the East end of the street. It would be appreciated if residents would move any vehicles parked close to the trees as no responsibility will be taken by the contractor or DPRA if the vehicles are not removed. The majority of foliage and small branches will be chipped and removed from site but logs will be left on site and can be obtained by residents for a small donation to the Garden Maintenance Fund.
Suitable replacements for the Cherry trees is presently on the committee agenda.

We have had a couple queries regarding maintenance etc. For avoidance of doubt, as per the deed of conditions for all properties in Dreghorn Park, each and every owner of property in Dreghorn Park is legally obliged to contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the common garden and car-park areas irrespective of whether they use these areas or not.

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