18.09.20 Grass Cutting

We had our 13th cut done yesterday. Alan (Grass contractor) intends to do one more cut in approximately 3 weeks unless the weather dictates otherwise. This will be a total of 14 cuts this year which is exactly the same amount as last year.

He mentioned that there were numerous chunks of tarmac on the grass and it seems most likely that they will have got there by some of the kids throwing the loose pieces of car-park surface in that direction. If they could refrain from doing so he would be grateful as it can damage the cutting blades on his machine.

Driving Standards

As some of you are aware we had an incident in the street on Saturday night which involved a minor collision with two vehicles.  Thankfully nobody was hurt and it resulted in relatively minor damage to both vehicles. However it could easily have been a child or an adult. The consequences could have been considerably more serious.

There is absolutely no need to be driving any faster than 5 or 10 mph in the street and it is most definitely unnecessary to be reversing at speed in the street. Hopefully the person concerned has learned a lesson from this, however he has been spoken to before about his standard of driving. Hopefully it will sink in this time.

01.09.20 Hedges Trimmed.

In addition to the normal grass cutting, the hedges were trimmed. The bushes proved to be more of a problem as wild bees were feeding on the flowers. The contractor was therefore unable to trim them as much as he would have liked. As most of you will know the wild bee population is under threat.

Accounts 2019/20

Our accounts would normally be published along with the AGM minutes. Unfortunately the AGM was postponed at very short notice this year. However a full copy of the accounts can be viewed here.

22.08.20 Fencing at Hedges.

The redundant chicken wire and the majority of posts have now been removed from the hedges at main grassed area. The bushes / hedges have now become suitably established and the wire is no longer required. Our grass contractor was unable to trim the hedges properly on the last occasion as the bushes had grown in through the chicken wire etc. A big thank you to Graham for letting us dispose of the wire into his skip.

A further trim of the hedges and other bushes will hopefully take place this week …. weather permitting!

23.08.20 Apologies.

My sincere apologies. The website has been down for some time having been hacked a number of weeks ago. It has taken longer to sort out than I anticipated. Hopefully this will not happen again as I have taken steps to improve security on the site.

I am still trying to reinstate a couple of pages, so please note some links may not be active. Archives etc also require updating and this will be done asap. If you have any queries regarding the site please email me [email protected]

Next Committee Meeting

No date has been set for the next meeting, but hopefully we shall have another meeting prior to Christmas.

Committee Meeting – Please read fully.

25.09.19 A number of issues were discussed including the removal of the Leylandii trees (their removal had already been voted on and approved at committee level and subsequently confirmed at the last AGM). A couple of quotes were obtained, one of which was astronomical at almost £2000 and another at a cost of £850. This is for the removal of the Leylandii and dead Cherry trees to stump level, removal of all foliage and chipping of smaller branches with the remainder “log” size branches being left on site. The cost will be paid from the small float in our Garden Maintenance Fund. The committee members voted to go ahead with the £850 quote as they felt that trying to remove the trees bit by bit was going to take forever.
It is likely that we will ask the existing grass contractor to trim the hedges and bushes two or three times next year. There would be an additional cost to this obviously but the committee felt that we can not continue to rely on the good-will of a small number of people using their own time and effort on this. It is likely that the cost per house this coming year for the garden maintenance fund will rise to at least £80 as this years figure of £60 has barely paid for the number of cuts required this year (so far 13 cuts but possibly at least another one will be required if not two).

Purely as an exercise one of the committee members contacted a number of Property Factors to obtain a quote for the maintenance and upkeep of our mutually own property i.e. grass and bushes / tree etc. Only one Factor came back to him and the quote was an eye-watering £450 per house per year.  Clearly it shows that our fee for garden maintenance should be considered extremely reasonable.

The car park repairs were discussed at length and it was agreed that some form of two stage payment should be implemented to help spread the cost for residents. An exact figure is not yet available but this will be discussed fully at the next AGM which we hope to hold in March next year.

Due to drainage work required at No.18 it is likely the pedestrian path down to the Gallolee will be closed for 4 or 5 days to allow this work to take place. The council will hopefully erect a notice to that effect with a few days warning.

Toyota (small update last para).

20.09.19 – on return from a few days down south I found I had received a letter from DVLA asking why we required the owner’s information. This was despite filling in the appropriate sections on the form provided by the DVLA informing them that we own the car park in which the vehicle has been abandoned etc. and that we wish to contact the owner to arrange removal of the vehicle. They have provided yet another form to fill in which I will return suitably completed etc but I intend adding a covering letter to clarify the situation.
As discussed at the committee meeting we may or may not get the information we require and it may be the case that we have to arrange disposal of this vehicle by some means or other.

Committee Meeting (25.09.19)

20.09.19 Next committee meeting Wednesday 25th September ’19, 7.30pm No.38.

Previous meeting had to be cancelled. Agenda remains the same. Could all committee members please attend as we may require a vote on a couple of issues.

    Dreghorn Park Residents' Association
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