Carpark Repairs.

The carpark repairs have been put on hold meantime. As the residents who attended the meeting earlier this week are aware, the credentials of the proposed contractor turned out to be somewhat questionable and it was decided not to proceed with this particular contractor. Some committee members are in the process of obtaining new quotes and we will inform residents when these quotes are available. It was agreed at the meeting that all residents who have already contributed to the repairs should have the option to leave their money in the association’s account or they may ask for a refund of their money if they so wish.

If you do require a refund please email [email protected]  giving your house number, surname, your bank sort code, account number and the approximate date you made your payment originally. If you do not have access to email (which seems unlikely if you are reading this), please pop along and see me at No.9.

Bogus Workmen.

Please keep an eye out for anyone going door to door offering gardening services and/or handyman work. We have had an incident in the street where one of our more senior residents was targeted by two men doing gardening work which was followed by a demand for a relatively large amount of money.

Watch out for your neighbours, particularly those who are elderly and possibly more likely to fall for this sort of thing.

If you are needing work done, please ask your neighbours for advice, assistance or a recommendation. Don’t ever engage anyone to do work who cold calls you. There are plenty reputable companies out there who will quote for the work, so that you know what you will be paying and if you think it’s too expensive, you can just say no.

SORN/Unroadworthy Vehicles

The committee are actively addressing the problem of SORN and /or unroadworthy vehicles in our carpark. They are using space that is already at a premium and at least one of the vehicles concerned can only be described as an eyesore. The carpark is an amenity owned by us all and should not be considered as a facility for long term vehicle storage.

Commitee Meeting.

Tuesday 22.06.21 7pm.
Location will probably be outside on the large grass area but will be confirmed on Friday 18th.

NOT on the committee? Why not join? We need new blood !!

Come along to the meeting and get yourself elected onto the committee. If you want to have a say in the running of the association then you really must join the committee.


The Grass Contractor has had to pick up / move quite a lot of dog poo on the smaller grassed area at the east end of the street. If you let your dog do its’ business on our grass, please have the good grace to pick it up afterwards. Please remember that our/your children play on these areas and there are a number of nasty diseases that can be contracted from dog poo, including one that can cause permanent blindness!

Garden Maintenance Fee.

All monies now received. Thank you for making the treasurers job very straightforward this year. Genuinely appreciated.

Garden Maintenance Fee

Just two unpaid as of 07.05.21. Further reminder will be issued over the weekend if still outstanding.

Garden Maintenance Fee.

I’m delighted to say that out of 51 households, 44 have paid on time. This leaves a rather disappointing 7 households that have failed to pay.
So yet again the Treasurer and Committee are having to spend their spare time chasing up payments.

Gardening Maintenance Fee

Glad to report as of 11.04.21 we have had a total of 23 payments by bank transfer or by cash.
Deadline for all outstanding payments is 1st May’21 @1200hrs.

1st Grass cut done on Friday 09.04.21. Further cuts are likely to be on Fridays due to contractor’s other commitments.

    Dreghorn Park Residents' Association