Minutes of the AGM held 7pm Wednesday 27th March 2019 @ Oxgangs Library.

Apologies – No apologies received. A very disappointing total of 13 residents attended.

Welcome / Chairman’s Report.
Mark Mullen (Chairman) opened the meeting at 1900hrs sharp, welcoming all to the meeting and emphasising that we had use of the room until 1950hrs and therefore we must proceed with business. The hire of the venue has incurred a small cost which will be paid from association funds. A number of items were itemised for discussion under AOCB. Previous year’s minutes had already been approved and distributed to all residents shortly after the AGM last year.

Mark went on to mention that the Garden Maintenance Fund had been set at £60 again this year by the committee at a recent committee meeting. On behalf of the outgoing Treasurer he briefly ran over some figures for the fund which had a healthy balance but some of this will be needed to buy new trees and bushes etc. Other items discussed are shown below in AOCB.

Treasurers Report.
Prior to further income this year, the balance of the fund stood at £1253.99. This was made up of a previous balance of £793.44, with an income of £3060.55, less an expenditure of 13 grass cuts amounting to £2600. A similar number of cuts this coming year should give us an approximate balance of £1700, but as mentioned above some of this money will be allocated to buying replacement trees and bushes.

Neighbourhood Watch.
We remain members of the scheme, however information received by Malcolm from Neighbourhood Watch Scotland remains fairly generic and really not directly connected in any way with Dreghorn Park and the surrounding district.
(Anything reasonably relevant will be posted on the Dreghorn Park website. www.dreghornpark.co.uk .)

Committee Election.
Chairman : Continuing – Mark Mullen (17).
Treasurer :  Outgoing – Colin Davidson (29) – Replaced by Malcolm Macfarlane (9).
Secretary : Outgoing – Malcolm Macfarlane (9) – Replaced by Natalie Mayes (38).

Paul Lynch (16)                 Graham Cotton (18)        Jason Wimberley (25)                    Tom Miller (48)
Ian McCridle (2)                Chris Steel (4a)                 Sandra Henderson (23)                  Robert Irvine (5)

Mark took the opportunity to thank Colin for his input as Treasurer over a number of years.
We welcome Natalie as the new secretary and thank her for volunteering to take over the role.
Also a thanks goes to Sandra for helping with printing and distribution.

Dog Fouling.
A number of residents have reported quite a lot of dog dirt on the common grassed area particularly up at the east end of the street. This is clearly a resident that is allowing their dog to foul the area. This is particularly unpleasant and causes problems for the grass contractor (who will refuse to cut through the mess) and also a potential health hazard for children in the street, playing in the area affected. (Look up Toxocariasis for more info).  If you allow your dog to foul on the grass, please have the decency to pick it up!

We have had a few army personnel using our carpark. Mark has tried to trace the personnel concerned to make it clear to them that it is not a public carpark. Mark has also tried to trace the owner of a Toyota RAV4 which appears to have been abandoned in the lower carpark. He has been in touch with DVLA who will try to contact the owner. A number of residents have reported inconsiderate parking, which has included blocking other residents’ driveways and pavement parking which is practically blocking the entire pavement. We would ask that residents give some thought as to how they park.

Some extremely dangerous driving in the street has been noted on a number of occasions. The council signs indicate a maximum speed of 20MPH, however it is not a target speed. It is generally felt that something in the region of 5 – 10mph is more than adequate. We have quite a large number of young children and pets in the street and we are sure nobody would want to be responsible for an accident.

Mark proposed a street gardening day on Sunday 26th May. This would allow us to trim up some of the bushes and might also allow us to commence felling the Leylandii trees bordering the lower carpark. It was agreed at a recent committee meeting that we should remove the Leylandii as they have now become out of control. Previous attempts at trimming etc. have really not worked and the longer we leave them the worse (and more expensive) the problem is going to become. The roots may already be starting to damage to carpark.
The main grass area is yet again being damaged by the children playing football. If they could be encouraged to move the goal posts occasionally this might prevent the mud pit that has developed recently. It was also felt that the use of studded boots should be discontinued as the studs were making the damage worse.
A number of trees are reported as being in a pretty poor state particularly at the east and west end of the street. Some of the Garden Maintenance money will be allocated to replace these trees.

New Street Lighting.
Our street lights will shortly be upgraded to LED. The council has contacted us to arrange for any shrubs and bushes to be cut back to allow access to the hatches on the posts.

Garden Maintenance Fund.
As previously advised the cost is the same as last year (£60).
The deadline for all payments is midday Friday 12th April 2019.
Payment by bank transfer – Sort Code 83 19 01 Acct. 00183283. We no longer accept cheques. Cash payments can be made on 9th and 10th April 2019 at No.17.

Association Constitution.
At present we are unable to find a copy of the existing constitution and it is proposed that a new one be drafted. This will be pursued initially at committee level.

We have as yet been unable to proceed with any repair work. Ian (2) has agreed to look into costs for “cold tarmac” to allow the repairs to proceed before the problem worsens.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 1941hrs.

    Dreghorn Park Residents' Association