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Month: May 2019

Gardening Day. 26.05.19

Four of us (Mark, Robert, Chris and myself) at least made the effort and turned out for a bit of gardening.  We managed to a bit of a tidy up at the westerly end of the street. One of the trees has hopefully been rescued from near horizontal by putting in a few posts into the ground plus a bit of strapping. A wee tidy up to the kerbing has also made the place look a bit better. If a few more people had turned up we could have done more !

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Gardening Day 26th May.

Weather permitting we hope to have a gardening day on Sunday 26th May. It’s a chance for you all to help with some general garden maintenance around our mutually owned garden areas. Hopefully we can get a few of the Leylandii trees completely felled and get rid of some the foliage via brown bins etc. So if you can spare an hour or two, please come along.

Garden Maintenance Fund.

All payments have now been received, the last payment being received 06.05.19. A big thanks to all of you that paid promptly and made the Chairman and Treasurer’s job simple. Sadly yet again we had a number of late payers, which in one case, resulted in repeated visits to obtain payment. However, that’s it all collected and the fund has a healthy balance which should allow us to buy some replacement trees and shrubs to replace the missing/dead ones during the coming months.


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